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Our main goal is to leave our clients happier, better organised and more effective than before. Here’s what some of our current and recent clients have to say about us.


"I am pleased to be able to recommend Linda Laurance & Associates on behalf of the British Society for Haematology.

Linda Laurance and her team have been extensively involved in the Society since they undertook a whole organisation review, project managed by Amit Popat, in 2014. This involved considerable research and detailed discussions with our office staff, Trustee Board, members and external stakeholders. Their comprehensive report helped us to define short term strategic objectives and they further facilitated the achievement of these objectives. In particular Madeleine Sugden helped to define a communication strategy and appoint a project manager to rationalise all our websites. In addition Peter Dyer carried out a Board skills audit and Hugh Smith gave invaluable advice regarding the appointment of a Director of Operations. Isobel Walker has also guided us very skilfully through the process of defining short and long term strategic objectives. Throughout it all Linda Laurance has overseen the whole process and has been a source of valuable advice on several key governance issues.

I am convinced we would not have achieved any of the above without their help. I would highly recommend their organisation to you." Dr P Carrington BSH President

"We worked with Madeleine, and valued her friendly, flexible and conscientious approach. She has helped us better understand the impact we are already making, gain a deeper understanding of our members' and beneficiaries’ needs and how best to meet them This is helping us plan for the future." Rosalind Oakley, Executive Director, Association of Chairs

"Our Trustees and Senior Team members benefited hugely from the Board Development Day as part of our on-going relationship with LL&A. The day was extremely well planned and structured to drive out and then meet our individual and shared development objectives. In addition to group work, everyone was given personal air time and supported to use that time effectively. Our experience was enriched through highly effective facilitation and by the valuable hints, tips and prior learning experiences offered by Linda (Laurance) and Izzy (Walker) as well as by insightful and constructive challenge at appropriate points. We were left stronger as a team with an exciting agenda for further development including clearly defined improvement goals." David Ellis, OBE, Chairman, Peace Hospice Care

"I would highly recommend using Linda’s services. She helped our Officers rebuild their relationship through constructive, facilitated mediation. I’m pleased to say the relationship has greatly improved following support. Linda was extremely clear about the service she would provide to us and her fees were well balanced." John Schless, CEO, Students’ Union, University of Greenwich

"LL&A associates are highly experienced, professional and skilled, tailoring their services to each individual client. I have no hesitation in recommending them most highly." Faith Clark, Chairman, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

"Linda’s careful preparation for a facilitated session with our Board paid dividends. Her questions about the organisation and the brief forced us to focus in on what we really wanted from the session and to be realistic about what it was possible to achieve. Her expert facilitation on the day ensured that all those present felt able to contribute. She kept us to task and left us with a manageable set of actions that we have been able to prioritise and are working through. Feedback from trustees after the session was positive." Jane Slowey, Chair, Skills Effect

"Obviously a highly skilled and empathetic mentor, in our very first session, through a most effective balance of challenge and encouragement, Linda helped me to clarify and prioritise pressing strategic issues - and most important, commit to specific actions, the results of which will have a positive lasting impact on my organisation. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t have thought it possible to have achieved so much in just one mentoring session." Ann Collins, Proprietor/Principal Consultant, Practise Training & Consultancy, UK

"Thank you for steering yesterday's away day so effectively. I appreciated your being clear and direct and was very pleased with the level of consensus we achieved. It was a great opportunity for everyone to receive the same information at the same time, laying the foundations for more streamlined decision-making at coming Board meetings." Wendy Pridmore, Chief Executive, The Wimbledon Guild

"The sessions were well structured and organised and allowed everyone present to express their views. Linda is extremely professional and easy to work with." Joanna Atkin, Chair, The Dystonia Society

"The Away Day needed an experienced hand with a gentle steer to the tiller, which Linda provided extremely well, along with the action plan to steer future discussions/decisions." Viv Bird, Chief Executive, Booktrust

"Linda was very professional throughout the Board review process, acting with integrity and handling difficult situations with great skill and personal engagement. The Board’s performance definitely improved as a result." Rob Strange, CEO, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

"The whole governance review session was useful and tailored to our needs. It was illuminating and made us think about what we actually do and whether we have the right structure to do it." Susan Biggs, Soroptomists International Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI)

"The whole mediation process was thorough, fair and professional. I felt at ease from the first day and empowered to speak freely."Party in a workplace mediation

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