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Research & evaluation

Research and evaluation will tell you whether you are achieving your goals, and what is enabling and hindering success.

Research ensures that programmes and services are grounded in evidence, good practice and a thorough understanding of the policy and operating contexts. It is therefore a powerful tool for increasing social impact through optimising programme design. Research also informs organisational development and strategic planning, and is a crucial aid to success in areas such as fundraising, policy development and advocacy. 

Robust evaluation is the bedrock of service quality. It can take various forms, and might involve one or all of quality assurance, outcomes monitoring and/or social impact evaluation. 

Rebecca Hickman has extensive experience in research and policy analysis, and can work with you to:

  • scan and assess the operating and policy environments;
  • access vital information about your client group, their issues and expectations, and the work of competitor organisations;
  • write reports and briefings that enable you to share learning and knowledge more widely and to influence decision-makers;
  • develop quality assurance systems and tools;
  • design monitoring and evaluation frameworks;
  • assess the feasibility of alternative pathways for growth and development.

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